What sets us apart

As bookkeepers, we make running your business easier. We can take care of all of your bookkeeping needs or we train and support you, work at your pace and discuss your numbers in a language you understand. If we made your day less stressful, we’ve achieved our goal. We know in the end that our collaboration means more than balancing numbers in a worksheet: it’s about balancing all the important people and goals you have committed to.

Experienced. Dedicated.

Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Complete Bookkeeping Solutions has helped thousands of Canadian businesses thrive since 1997. Technology is the core of our operations. We use the best software to deliver the results and insights that allow businesses to operate soundly without compromising growth. We also invest the time to continually train and master the latest innovations for bookkeeping, accounting software and business processes—learning that we will share with you.

Working with Complete Bookkeeping Solutions, you benefit from a long-standing experience with a fresh approach combined with knowledge and expertise.

A Team You Can Count On

We seek results on a continuous basis. Our team understands your business and always looks for ways to save you time and money.