The Problem:

Moving your practise to the Cloud can be a daunting task. One you may be avoiding. How do you know which products to use? How do you train your staff, make the switch while still continuing to run your business day to day as is necessary?

The Solution: Staff Training

Knowledge & Experience

We have been working in this space for many years now and have found what works best for a team as well as the clients. We have experienced the bumps and bruises of learning and implementing new software and processes. We save you and your team the time and pain of experiencing many of these.

Software Setup & Implimentation

We specialize in moving companies to QuickBooks Online. We can go over your client base and determine which clients are a good fit for the change and right ones to start with. We can even help determine which staff members are the best to be trained firstĀ  in your new systems.

Technology & Automation

Paper and books are becoming obsolete, desktop software is moving in that direction as well. With the advent of technology, there are many “app ecosystems” available to streamline time-eating processes. We understand the technology and want to help your practise succeed by using modern application technology to take care of the monotonous tasks. We can teach you how to use technology to streamline entry bringing your costs down while improving the service you provide your clients.

Workflow & Procedures

We work with you on which apps will be a good fit for your firm and your clients to ensure you have a successful transition. We will teach you tried and true methods on working in this environment with ease and effectiveness. Time and effort can be decreased on each file allowing you to grow your customer base without necessarily increasing your staff.

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