Time / Money Saving Bookkeeping Tips

How is your paperwork being given to your bookkeeper?

Here’s a few hints on saving money

  • Organize by month if not by week.
  • Open your mail before giving it to us
  • Keep your bank statements together and ensure non are missing
  • Make notes on receipts as to what the purchase was for (it’s not always clear)
  • Keep your personal receipts out
  • Use detailed deposit slips so we know who the payments came from
  • Make notes of any inputs by Owner/Shareholder
  • Don’t wait until last minute to get information to the bookkeeper
  • List any automatic withdrawals from the bank and what they are for
  • Give a list of Bank/Debit cards you use and what account they draw out of
  • If you have more than one visa card, try to mark receipts as to which¬†they belong