Top 10 Reasons You Should Do Your Own Bookkeeping

Top 10 Reasons You Should Do Your Own Bookkeeping

  1. Your spouse told you, you should
  2. Accurate financial records aren’t that important
  3. Bank recs are fun
  4. It’s only data entry, anyone can do data entry
  5. Because any monkey can do it
  6. You went into business just so you could do bookkeeping
  7. You have more time on your hands than you know what to do with
  8. Your business runs like a well oiled machine and it doesn’t need your time and attention
  9. You love speaking to the nice people at the Canada Revenue Agency
  10. Because no one can talk to a CRA Auditor better than you can


Many of these are just some of the humorous reasons I have heard over my 20 plus years as a Professional Software Consultant and Bookkeeper… and yes some are sarcastic twists to some business owners reasoning for attempting this vitally important function of any business despite their complete lack of knowledge or experience in this field.

A good up to date accurate set of books is an extremely important part of a well managed strong & successful business. It takes years of experience and education to fully understand not just compliance but how various transactions relate to business operations and management.

Would you trust just anyone with a pair of scissors to give you a haircut that you would be happy with? Why trust your bookkeeping to a Novice or Newbie? Would your business not be better served by you focusing day to day operations and growth? Certified Professional Bookkeepers are better equipped to deliver an accurate meaningful set of books and financial statements and help you make sense of them.

Your Accountant will be better equipped to provide you with faster and more meaningful advice based on accurate up to date records.

We did go into business to do bookkeeping, we are constantly updating and upgrading our education and knowledge. We are well equipped to provide you with what ever level of bookkeeping service makes most sense for you and your company.

We are happy to work with you the Business Owner or your staff to access the level of service that will suit your needs the best. Whether it be a shared job that alleviates duplication of work that is a must for you and your team to handle but to take on those parts that will be better served by a professional or the entire nine yards…