While there are many software solutions available on the market, we highly recommend using Quickbooks Online. It can provide powerful invoicing and accounting tools.

Having a professional bookkeeper maintain your books can ensure you don’t encounter unforeseen problems at year-end, reduce unnecessary expenditures, and take over distracting tasks to free up your time.

Absolutely. It’s quite common to see a lot of people try managing their books. What ends up happening is that they get to busy with other things and neglect their books. That’s where we can help. We can clean up your books and take on the tasks you don’t need/want to do.

The short answer is: No. We manage your books so that your accountant’s job becomes much easier. By following proper bookkeeping practices, we can streamline your business and reduce the amount of extra work required from your accountant. If you need an accountant, we would be happy to suggest a few!