We currently offer one on one and small group classes to Accounting and Bookkeeping Firms as well as Small Businesses.

Specializing in QuickBooks Online and Various Apps, we can get you or your staff up and running quickly, smoothly and efficiently. By working with you on the proper use of the software and best practices to avoid pitfalls and wasted time.

Connie Sparks, CPB has been training Bookkeepers for over 20 years and has been working with cloud based software for almost 10. She has a “Keep it Simple” approach and philosophy for training and will work with you in a manner you understand and that makes it easy for you to take the ball and run.

Save the time and effort of figuring the best workflows on your own and let Connie show you her tried and true methods.

Connie’s training has been proven to be more effective to get bookkeepers up and running with more knowledge, confidence and skill. A practical approach that allows Bookkeepers and Accounting Technicians to gain the skill they need to tackle bookkeeping for a multitude of industries.

All Packages Include

  • QuickBooks Training Manual
  • Each Session is a Max of 3 Hours Long to Maximize Learning
  • QuickBooks Online Exam Prep (This does not guarantee the successful outcome to the exam)
  • Certificate of Completion

Basic Package

Navigating QuickBooks Online Only

Hands-On Training – Each Session 3 Hours Each

  1. Setup Basics 1
  2. Setup Basics 2
  3. Recording Sales, Payments & Deposits
  4. Recording Expense & Purchase Transactions
  5. Using Bank Fees and Setting Rules
  6. Processing Basic Payroll
  7. Reconciliations, GST and Month End Procedures

Training Hours Included – 21

Duration – 4 to 7 weeks

Expected Outcome: Students will be able to preform day to day bookkeeping tasks in QuickBooks Online. They will have the skills, knowledge & confidence to write the QuickBooks Online Basic Certification.

One on One – $ 5000 per person
Group – $ 4000 per person (min 2, max 5)

Advanced Package

Prerequisite – Students must be Basic Certified in QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online Advanced Training and Exam Prep

Training in advanced areas of QuickBooks Online for:

  1. Review Basics, troubleshooting & Best Practises
  2. Inventory, Class, Progress Bills and Job tracking
  3. Multi-Currency, Customizing Forms & Reports
  4. App Training, Money Thumb, Autoentry for Bank Statement Importing
  5. Setup Receipt Bank & Hubdoc, Uploading Documents
  6. Receipt Bank & Hubdoc, Configuring & Publishing Doc, Best Practises
  7. Payment Evolution for Payroll

Training Hours Included – 21 ( 7 classes of 3 hours each)

Duration – 4 to 10 weeks

Expected Outcome: Students will be able to preform day to day bookkeeping tasks in QuickBooks Online. They will be able to to handle more comprehensive transactions and reporting. They will be able to setup basic automation within QBO or via ReceiptBank. They will have the confidence to write the QuickBooks Online Advanced Certification.

One on One $5500 per person
Group Training $ 4250 per person (min 2, max 5)

Integrated App Training

Setup & Training In Apps such as: 

  • Receipt Bank
  • Hubdoc
  • Payment Evolution
  • Plooto
  • T-Sheets
  • WayPay
  • MoneyThumb
  • Autoentry

Training Hours Included – 3 each session chosen

Duration – 2 to 12 weeks

Expected Outcome: Students will be able to preform day to day bookkeeping tasks using QuickBooks Online with various integrated apps. They will be able to handle more comprehensive transactions and reporting. They will have the skills to write the various certifications where offered by applicable software vendors

Investment per session
One on One – $ 750 per person
Group Training $ 500 per person (min 2, max 5)

Add on Courses

Setup & Conversion ( 3 hours) $ 1000/person

  • Setup of a new file for conversion
  • Conversion of data file basics (QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online)
  • Setup on New QBO file without conversion
  • Post conversion/setup tasks
  • Best Practises

Data File Readiness & Conversion – Advanced (4 hours) $ 1200.00 / person

  • Checking over and making ready an existing QuickBooks Desktop file
  • Running the conversion process
  • Post conversion tasks

Train the Trainer – Contact us to discuss for pricing

Having the skill to perform tasks doesn’t mean that a person can effectively pass that knowledge on to others

We go through various situations and work with you on how to handle training for various types of individuals and situations

Trainers will be able to train both staff and customers in use of QBO and various apps

This will be done over several sessions ideally with a client and actual data.

Call us to register 1 – 877- 481 -4166

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